Evangelization and Faith Formation

Evangelization & Faith formation

The nature and purpose of evangelization and faith formation are to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in order to inspire the faith, examine the reasons for belief, celebrate the sacraments, experience Christian living, integrate the faith community, and serve Christ through others.
Catechetical work is an integral part of our apostolic vocation and an urgent necessity of the church. Therefore our sisters are specially trained in this and they undertake this work in the missions, schools and parishes with earnestness and sincerity.
b)Home mission
Family which is the basic unit of both the church and the state is facing tremendous breakdown in its sanctity and integrity. It is only through the revival of the families that we can renew the church and the society at large .Considering this as our top-most priority, we visit the families around and work for their total well being. Today our province has a dedicated team engaged in home mission, whom we consider as our greatest asset.
c) St. Alphonsa prayer group
Every Saturday there is a one day prayer service and in the first week of each month there is a 'Tapass Prayer' for 3 days under the able leadership of our Sr. Rosetta in the prayer hall of St. Anne's convent. Lots of people participate in these prayers and experience the healing touch of the Lord. Celebration of Holy Mass,interpretation of the Holy Gospel,counselling services, etc.are arranged along with this prayer.
d) VachanaDhyanam
This group is particularly formed for imparting the Word of God to the children in schools, Sunday schools and retreat centres through talks, prayers and counselling. They also prepare them for the truthful reception of the sacrament of reconciliation and that of Holy Qurbana.

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