Milestones of the Province


Year Particulars
December 14, 1888 The founding day of Franciscan Clarist Congregation
December 15, 1888 The beginning of Devamatha Province
1888 The commencement of St. Germane's Balika Bhavan
January 2, 1934 The blessing of the newly Built Mother House
August 12, 1936 Final profession of St. Alphonsa in the chapel of Clarist convent Changanassery before Mar. James Kalacherry.
1936 Apparition of  Bl. Chavara Kuriakose Elias to Sr. Alphonsa at Clarist convent Changanassery.
December 15, 1938 Golden jubilee of the province
Rendering service : In 6 Dioceses (1 in India & 5 abroad)
July 25, 1941 Inauguration of St. Vincent Poor home
1952 Beginning of Alphonsa Province Pala
April 12, 1956 Beginning of St. Francis Novitiate house, Changanassery
December 1963 Platinum jubilee of the province
1966 Mother Maurus - the first Mother General of FCC Changanassery
  •  The blossoming of Kodarma mission, Bihar
  •  The first meeting related to the unification of the congregation at Changanassery.
October 10, 1970
  •  Unification of the congregation
  •  Mother Maurus - the first Superior General of the unified FCC
October 1970 Emergence of Devamatha Provincial House
August 21, 1971 Shifting of Novitiate House - Assisi Novitiate - to Puthuppally
August 23, 1971 Rev.Sr.Gratia was appointed the first Provincial Superior
March 1, 1973 Congregation raised to the Pontifical status
1973 Sprouting of the Kanyakumari mission
1975 Beginning of Alphonsa Bhavan Kudamaloor
1978 Birth of St. Thomas Province Kanjirappally
November 26, 1981 Starting of Maria Matha Province Hazaribag
1981 Beginning of missionary activity in Switzerland
1985 Mother Maurus entered into eternity
February 8, 1986 Beatification of St. Alphonsa
December 1988 Centenary of the congregation and the province
1988 Opening of Jeevodaya - the school for the differently abled children
1933 Demise of Rev. Mother Mariam Clara who lived with the founding mothers
October 25, 1995 The commencement of Mental health centre at Arumanoor
1998 Birth of the mission at Papua New Guinea
November 27, 2003 Establishment of St. Alphonsa Museum in the Clarist convent Changanassery
September 30, 2005 Establishment of St. Alphonsa Museum at Alphonsa Bhavan, Kudamaloor
October 12, 2008 Canonization of St. Alphonsa
September 12, 2009 Establishment of the memorial stone of the Founding mothers at Cathedral cemetery Changanassery
2010 Beginning of missionary activity in Spain
May 12, 2011 Raising of San Joe Thuckalay region to a Province
June 29, 2012 Declaration of Puthenparampil Thommachan as the Servant of God
August 11, 2012 Establishment of St. Alphonsa Palliative Care Centre, Changanassery
December 15, 2013 Post Centennial Jubilee of the Congregation, Province, St. Germane's Balika Bhavan
September 12, 2014Blessed the newly constructed monument of the founder Bishop of FCC Mar Charles Lavigne S J and the founder Mothers of FCC at St. Mary's Cathedral cemetry, Changanassery.
November 2, 2015Blessing of Immaculate Conception Convent , Kudamaloor
December 1, 2015Election synaxis, Sr. Litty re-elected as Provincial superior
January 23, 2016Blessing of St. Francis Convent Eravuchira
November 13, 2016The conclusion of the Jubilee Year of Mercy celebrated with a special gathering of the inmates of Balikabhavan and St. Vincent Oldage Home in Provincial House.
January 6, 2017Archbishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam blessed the newly constructed St. Germane's balikabhavan  at Changanassery 
February 4, 2017Accepted 7 candidates from PNG to our community.

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