Apostolate of Education

True education aims at the whole round development in a person- his physical,mental and spiritual realms. Keeping this in mind we have been rendering selfless and dedicated service in the apostolate of education since the past 100 years. We serve in corporate management schools of the diocese,our own aided and unaided schools in Malayalam and English Medium, Nursery schools, school for the mental challenged children, government schools and college. We take active intrest in the character formation and personality development of the students. Also our sisters earnestly impart Gospel values to the staff, students and parents through their teaching and a witnessing life.To make character formation possible,our sisters have personal contact with the students. They also visit the homes of the students. Our trained sisters provide counseling sessions to the needed students thus giving them consolation and spiritual renewal.The social service fund of June and July is utilized specially for this apostolate of education. We take care of our weak students and give them free tuition.

Special education
:Special schools render great service where the children having physical, mental and intellectual defects are prepared for life through proper training . We have two special schools -Jeevodaya Centre at Kurumpanadom and Assisi Centre at Chunkapara. Our 13 sisters are working in these two schools.They are divided according to their age group and taught reading, writing and arithmetic. They are also imparted training in sports and dance, physical education, yoga, music, computer and vocational training art and craft. Different therapies are used for the personality development of these children. Above all,they are also given spiritual and moral instructions. Through awareness programmes, parents are prepared to accept and love these children as God's great blessings to them.

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